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Seawright & Associates. is available to conduct a full-scale human resource assessment of all policies, procedures, HR documents, compensation practices, and other related areas.  Our goal is to ensure that your business is poised for future growth and development, while limiting liability.  We normally start off all of our relationships under our Monthly HR Service Program (link) by conducting an HR audit. 

Our audits include a professional assessment and Executive Summary of our findings and recommendations based on the following:

Fair Employment Compliance

  • Employee handbook
  • Manager’s manual or procedure manual
  • Sampling of active and inactive personnel files
  • Open charges of discrimination
  • Pre- and post-hire employment/payroll forms
  • Personnel files for any employees currently involved in an investigation or significant employment matter
  • Offer letters

Hiring Program or System

  • Recruiting plan and sources
  • Internal job posting program
  • Copies of current classified ads
  • Overview of hiring process, including all forms
  • Interview questions
  • Job descriptions and job profiles
  • Review of personality profiles and other pre-employment requirements
  • Turnover analysis
  • Pre-employment drug testing process

Compensation & Wage/Hour Compliance

  • Compensation program, written salary plan guidelines, or pay policies
  • Bonus programs, policies, or practices
  • Exempt/nonexempt classification of all positions
  • Payroll records, corresponding time records, commission sheets, route sheets, payroll worksheets, and other records used to compute payroll
  • Recent salary survey results
  • Analysis with regard to state and federal wage/hour regulations

Americans With Disabilities Act (Title I)

  • Job descriptions
  • Interview questions
  • Physical exam forms and health history questionnaires
  • Policies, guidelines, or hiring practices supporting ADA
  • Interaction between ADA, FMLA, and Workers’ Compensation

Organizational Assessment

  • General business plan
  • Mission statement and supporting documentation
  • Documents, memos, or policies relative to company philosophy, mission, and purpose
  • Staffing plans
  • Organizational charts
  • Results of most recent employee opinion survey

General Human Resources

  • Performance appraisal process and program
  • Required employment posters/employee notices
  • Drug-free workplace program
  • Written training manual or materials
  • HR department design and strategy
  • HR budget review and analysis

INS Compliance

  • Immigration affidavits (I-9 forms) for current and terminated employees
  • Supporting documentation for I-9 forms

Affirmative Action Requirements

  • Existence and nature of any government contracts
  • Affirmative action program and supporting logs, letters, and documentation