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Monthly HR Program

Each day, leaders are faced with a multitude of “people” decisions.  From hiring to firing, and everything in between, Seawright & Associates is available to provide you with daily consultation and expert advice through our unlimited telephone and e-mail consultation service.  With this service, designated managers, business owners, CEOs, or HR leaders can call us directly to discuss and obtain valuable feedback before executing a decision.  Not only will we listen and provide advice – with this monthly program, we will also research any relevant employment regulations, review your documentation, and provide you with the best, bottom-line recommendation for action.  Our clients love to remind us how much this service saves them time, gives them peace of mind, and reduces their legal liabilities! Our services include:

Unlimited Telephone & Electronic Consultation

Anytime a designated manager has a question about HR strategy, a termination, state or federal employment regulation, new hire, employee discipline, pay, company policy, overtime law, drug-free workplace concern, discrimination, sexual harassment, or any other HR matter, he or she can contact us by telephone or e-mail.  When you contact our office, you will receive a rapid response and a clear, complete, and absolute answer. 

Document Review, Analysis, & Recommendations

With this feature, you receive valuable insight and assistance with your written documents such as employee memos, government inquiries, policies, termination letters, disciplinary documentation, pay plans, and more.  As a client, you can fax or e-mail these documents for our review.  We will discuss them with you and will assist with reasonable revisions at no additional charge. (Documents of significant length may be extra). 

Regulatory Research & Compliance 

Whenever you have a regulatory or compliance question related to employment, you can contact our office.  You will receive bottom-line answers about tough state and federal employment regulations such as ADA, EEOC, FMLA, Wage and Hour, and more!   A consultant will research the regulation and present complete options and solutions so you can make the best decision.(Extended research or correspondence with agencies may be additional.)

Management Newsletter Subscription 

Designed to provide current and pertinent HR news and information, our popular newsletter is packed with practical ideas, tips, and compliance advice.  You receive a subscription to this newsletter that is published periodically.  Additionally, from time to time, you will receive our e-bulletin, designed to provide you with pertinent HR news you need to know.

Special Client Rates

As a client of our firm, you receive special pricing on any project work we develop for you. Prior to beginning a project, you will receive a complete explanation of fees and expenses.

Human Resource Compliance Audit (Optional) 

Seawright & Associates is available to conduct an in-depth audit of your human resource function. The audit helps to ensure compliance with state and federal employment regulations and alignment with your goals, mission, and philosophy.  Subsequent to the audit, you receive an Executive Summary of findings and recommendations.  (The cost for the audit depends on the size of your organization and the scope of the audit.)

Toll-Free Employee Hotline (Optional)

With this benefit, you get the peace of mind knowing your employees have access to an HR consultant who can address their concerns and resolve their issues confidentially.  From potential sexual harassment to discrimination concerns, this service can save thousands of dollars by resolving issues before they spin out of control.  From experience we know that employees often seek an outside impartial resource to help solve their problem.  Why not provide them with an HR resource in lieu of a hostile attorney or government agency?  (The start-up fee for this service depends on the size and scope of your organization. Extended calls may be additional.)